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Sexual- and Relationship-Coaching

The greatest challenges can give us the strongest resilience - and a path to happiness.

How are you feeling today?

Do you sometimes feel you keep on falling into the same destructive patterns with your partner, sex and romance?

Has your sex-drive disappeared - whether in relationship or in your single life?

Do you suffer from the inability to orgasm?

Can you lose yourself in sexual pleasures freely?


Have you experienced abrupt and drastic shifts or breaks in your life, and are struggling to cope?

Have you been struggling with an STI or an HIV diagnosis?

Do you believe you aren't having the sex-life that you feel you should have?

Do you feel guilt, or shame in regards to your sex-life?


These questions might seem vague or banal - but they are actually very common topics that I am confronted with all the time; and they have become a main focus of my therapeutic work. Let's explore these feelings together!


Thats what I am here for!

Whether one-on-one sessions or online, I am providing a safe space for introspection and reflection - guiding you to new revelations about yourself!

Individual Counselling


Face to face

In Barcelona

My one-on-one sessions are designed to help you explore and understand your deeper intimacy. By fostering a foundation of trust, we'll collaboratively examine the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that shape your relationship challenges. Together, we'll reveal and address underlying patterns and beliefs impacting your life.

Online Counselling


Online Sessions

Experience therapy from the comfort of your home with my online sessions. Designed for your convenience and security, these sessions make it easy to access professional support wherever you are. Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation today. Call or send a message.

Workshops & Seminars


On talking, sharing, and playing

I believe in the power of education and outreach to promote sexual health and wellbeing. Designed to educate and inspire, these sessions cover a broad range of topics that promote sexual wellbeing and community awareness. 

Why Me?

From an early age on, I recognized the importance of therapy and counseling. Experiencing my father's incarceration during my teenage years to confronting my own HIV diagnosis, my past experiences and the therapies that followed have not only shaped my empathy but have also taught me the transformative power of seeking support.


These experiences have shaped me - and created a desire to help others. I offer counselling services to address sexual insecurities, problems and disorders - or simply challenges in your dating and relationship life. I am dedicated to helping you navigate life's challenges and emerge stronger and more empowered.

Sexuality is an expression of your vitality. Sexual disorders and problems often burden deeply – they greatly affect our joy of life and our relationships. In our lived and fantasized sexuality, our deep-seated and unconscious motives, ideas, and conflicts are reflected. In our sexuality, what we cannot consciously process often expresses itself involuntarily.

I am happy to join you on your journey!

In both German and English

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