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Education and Degrees

ÖGS (Austrian Society for Sexology)

Basic competencies in sexology and sexual education

Buddy Programm of the AIDS Hilfe Germany

Training and workshops for counselling HIV-Positive individuals

Institut für Beziehungsdynamik Berlin

Training as a couple and sexual counsellor

Controlling Chemsex

Workshop on treating individuals affected by Chemsex

Art by Christopher Klettermayer, Sexual and Couples Counsellor

My Journey to Empowerment: From Challenge to Change

From a young age, life threw me profound challenges—from my father’s incarceration during my adolescence to my own battle with an HIV diagnosis.


These pivotal moments could have derailed me, but instead, they fuelled my journey towards healing and growth. Therapy was my cornerstone, transforming pain into resilience and opening doors to possibilities I never imagined.

Through these experiences, I discovered the power of support and the strength that comes from vulnerability. Therapy didn't just help me manage life's hurdles; it allowed me to thrive beyond them, both personally and professionally.

Now, I’m passionate about passing on the tools that were key to my transformation. I aim to empower you to not just face life's challenges, but to grow from them, embracing each as an opportunity for personal development.

Discover more about my story through various articles and podcasts available here, and see how embracing support can change everything.

Areas of my expertise include, but are not limited to:

- Sexual dysfunctions (e.g. premature ejaculation, erectile disfunction)

- HIV related insecurities and challenges

- Identity exploration

- Self empowerment

- Fear of intimacy

- Sexual trauma and healing

- Sexual education and awareness

- Exploring fantasies and desires

- Challenges of the single life

- Pornography and its impact on relationships

- Sexual health concerns

- Sexual desires

- Coping with sexual shame or guilt

- LGBTQ+ issues and concerns

- Family and Patchwork-Families

- Disruptive life events


Celina - Zurich

"Christopher's compassionate guidance has been a lifeline in my journey of acceptance and healing after receiving a HIV diagnosis. With his support and understanding, I've learned to navigate through the emotional burden, emerging stronger and more resilient. His empathy and expertise have truly made a profound difference in my life, allowing me move forward with courage."
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