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Frequently Asked Questions

Seeking advice is a big step! To make this as easy as possible, and to alleviate any concerns, I have put together a list of questions I often encounter. 

Q: I have questions similar to the ones in this list - what can I do?

I am longing for someone to share or to experience my most intimate sexual desires and fantasies with?


​I want to improve my relationship with myself and my body.


​I am suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.​


I sometimes feel ashamed or guilty with my sex-life and fantasies.


I cant lose myself freely in sexual pleasures.


There is no more playfulness in my sex-life.


My every-day life is affected by my sexual insecurities or -problems.


I suffer from overbearing self-criticism or self-sabotage.

A: All of these problems are actually very common - but rarely ever spoken about. Too often they are suppressed, often for years. People hope they are symptoms of age or stress - but in most cases there are deeper needs and desires that your body and mind want to express. Together we can explore the origins of these problems! Just write me an email and we will find time to talk - where I hope to join you on your journey!

Q: I am not sure about this. Will this be difficult?

A: It is definitely a challenge - but one worth pursuing! Every honest look at yourself is a difficult process - but unbelievably rewarding! Acknowledging that there is something you feel is wrong, or something is not as it should be, is a first and hard step. But visiting my site is already a great achievement in taking up that challenge! Way too many people hesitate, wait, hope for it to get better, without knowing the cause or reason. Hoping the problem will simply disappear on its own. But there is that voice in the back of your head telling you; this does not feel right. Simply by looking at my website, you have decided to listen to that voice. To hear what your subconscious is telling you.

You are already one step closer to lifting a weight off your mind!

So, to quote Henry Miller with something that seems banal, but actually made me think: "Stop Waiting!"

Q: How long will this take?

A: As long as you feel it is necessary. There is no time limit I can offer, no amount of sessions that would be an honest estimate. This depends on you - on how deep you want to explore yourself; and when you feel you have no need for my service anymore. Sometimes three sessions is enough. Other clients ask for continuous support over years. I give my clients the safe space for as long as they feel they need it.

Q: I feel I am not normal.

A: What do you perceive as normal? What you see in porn? Or in hollywood movies? There is no "normal". My work encourages you to explore "your own normal" - and help you to build confidence and acceptance of your own, personal needs and desires. To proudly say; "This is me. This is my sexuality. And this is my normal."

Q: What are your cancellation policies?

A: Time is valuable. I prefer having fewer clients, but giving them the time and attention they require. For every session not used, available space is taken from someone who could have needed it. Therefore I charge a full session for cancellations done within 24 hours of our appointment.

Q: What types of issues do you specialize in addressing?

A: Although I am trained for a wide range of topics, my field of expertise is sexuality-related topics, as well as topics surrounding HIV. You can see a list of my focus here.

Q: How do I know if counselling is right for me?

A: There is only one way to find out, which is to contact me. In our first, free conversation, you will see what your feelings tell you.

Q: Is counselling confidential?

A: Of course. Whatever you tell me is kept strictly confidential.

Q: What can I expect during a counselling session?

A: During a counseling session, you can expect a safe, supportive, and confidential environment where you can openly discuss your concerns with me. I will listen attentively, offer empathy and understanding, and provide guidance tailored to your specific needs and goals. Depending on the approach used, sessions may involve exploring thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, learning coping strategies, practicing new skills, or processing past experiences. Overall, the goal of a counseling session is to facilitate self-exploration, insight, and positive change, empowering you to overcome challenges and enhance your well-being.

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